Electrical Service

Electrical wiring distributes electric power throughout a house.  Electricity and gas are the two main sources of power in modern homes.  Electrical power is most efficient when used to power lights, appliances, and air conditioning.  Gas is most efficient for heating air, heating water, and heating stoves.

An electrician can repair existing electrical work and install new electrical work.  For example, electricians can install recessed lighting where it did not exist before, run new electrical wire in the wall and ceiling to the recessed lights, and install new dimmer switches to control the recessed lighting.  If holes must be cut in the walls in the process, they will only be small holes which can be patched, textured and painted.

Robinson Construction does electrical work when repairing or remodeling a home.  A partial description of electrical work that we commonly perform is:

  • Replace and install electrical outlets.
  • Replace and install electrical switches.
  • Replace and install light fixtures.
  • Replace and install indoor lighting.
  • Replace and install outdoor lighting.
  • Replace and install ceiling fans.
  • Lights and lighting design.
  • Wiring and rewiring.

Installing modern, decorative and artistically designed lighting can have a very dramatic effect on a home.  If designed properly, lighting can make a home feel warm and inviting instead of just light or dark.  Ceiling fans can be wired with a separate dimmer switch for the lights and another dimmer switch for the fan.  Motion detectors can be installed on hallway lighting.  Small recessed lights can be installed in the hallway ceiling pointing at pictures hanging on the hallway walls.

Imagine walking toward your stairs in the dark and just before you reach the stairs, a motion detector turns on five led lights embedded in each stair, shining a warm glow on each step.  It is easy to get creative when thinking about lights.

Robinson construction designs and installs lighting systems or any type of electrical system you may require.  Call Robinson Construction for a free estimate.  We will be happy to replace one light switch or redesign and rewire your whole house and yard.


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