Basement Remodeling

image 9If you’re looking for more living space in your home, then consider remodeling your basement.

When space is much more limited, and you don’t have the luxury of extending your home horizontally….the solution is often basement remodeling.

Our customers know that they can count on us when they want a remodeling job done right. We have helped no. of people to remodel all areas of their homes.Basement remodeling is almost like adding an extra floor to your home.

Finished basements can almost double the size of your home, whilst costing only a fraction of the price of an extension.Through our design services, we will help you plan the basement of your dreams while still maintaining a careful eye on your budget.

You can transform your basement into the perfect living space for your family and friends to enjoy. We can customize your basement into just about anything you can dream of:

  • Home Office
  • Personal Gym
  • Guest Suite
  • Game Room
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Spare Bathroom/Kitchen
  • You name it! We do it!

 If your current basement is dark, humid and just generally unappealing, we can turn it around. Our total basement finishing package includes such basement systems as mold-free flooring, bright ceiling tiles, insulated walls, moisture-eliminating dehumidifiers, and eco-friendly windows and lighting. We can completely remodel your basement at a cost to suit your budget.

Our basement remodeling process is clear and homeowner-friendly. We value our reputation for clarity and honesty in business practices. We are known for providing excellent craftsmanship.Remodeling a home is a perfect way to create a new atmosphere while also increasing the value of a home.

We can perform whole house renovations, restorations, or renovate one room at a time. Whatever fits your budget; we are here to assist you with all of your remodeling needs.With ample experience in basement remodels, we have the ability to offer you practical, durable, and elegant basement remodeling solutions at a very affordable price.

Contact us today to reserve your free basement remodeling consultation and estimate. Call (805) 258-1646 and we will find the right solution for you!