Robinson Construction does door installation, door replacement and door repair.  Doors really take a beating, especially the front door.  Entry doors receive all the traffic and are subject to the weather outside.  An exterior door needs to look good inside and out and also needs to seal out the weather.  The entry door provides security and should have heavy duty door hardware, such as door locks, door hinges, door handles, door knobs and door latches.  If a screen door is to be installed it should be a security door with a door lock.

The door from the garage into the house must be a fire door.  The side door to the garage usually deteriorates much faster than front doors because there is seldom any type of overhang to shade the door and protect it from the rain.  For this reason, a metal door makes a good side door replacement.  The garage door generally only requires occasional repair because garage doors are made of aluminum and withstand the weather well.

The sliding glass door to the patio is considered more of a window than a door so when replacing the patio door glass a glazier is used.  If the whole glass sliding door is to be replaced then a door man is used.

Interior doors, shower doors, closet doors, cabinet doors, pocket doors, sliding doors, french doors, and more are installed by Robinson Construction.  The way to determine if a door has been installed properly is to close it and pull back and forth on the handle.  It should be tight and not rattle back and forth with your pulling.  When you close it, it should close effortlessly with a firm, solid clunking into place.  When closed there should only be a very small gap between the floor and the bottom of the door.  Using a properly installed door is a pleasure.

For a properly installed door of any kind, call Robinson Construction.


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